Licensing & Permits

Notice is hereby given that the Washington Parish Government adopted.

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance Number 09-507 dated November 24, 2009, which requires property owners to secure a permit before doing any construction, reconstruction, development, Etc.

For example: building, major remodeling, placement of manufactured homes, repairing after flooding, etc.

This action is in compliance with the regulations of the National Flood Insurance Program. The Louisiana Legislature has delegated the responsibility of implementation of this program to Washington Parish Government and local government units.

Areas of the Washington Parish recently experienced flood inundation which may result in loss of life and property, and cause health and safety hazards.

Development permits can be obtained from the Washington Parish Building and Permitting Department.

Certification of the elevation of the lowest floor (completion of a FEMA Elevation Certificate) by a licensed engineer, architect or land surveyor must be presented for a building permit if your home or business was flooded or if you are building in Special Flood Hazard Areas.

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